I’m Henry Sanmark, a software engineer based in Espoo, Finland. I’ve tinkered with spacecraft engineering and robotics for around past 10 years. I’m good at pressing buttons on my keyboard in a correct order.

I’m currently working for ICEYE as a Lead Software Engineer, where I’m building ground segment infrastructure for synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) imaging satellite constellation. My background is in control engineering, robotics and space technology with a degree of Master of Science (Tech.) at Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering. I’ve been involved in emerging Finnish NewSpace industry from its early years, starting from Aalto-1 cubesat mission.

Besides working, I’m also fond of doing crazy projects and organizing events. Whether it is Finland’s first satellite project, the world’s largest sauna, indie video-game development or anything similar, I’m up to challenge. Hopefully I can share some of the newest projects in this page.


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