I’m Henry Sanmark, a software engineer based in Espoo, Finland. I’ve been tinkering with spacecraft engineering and robotics for the past 10 years. I’m good at pressing buttons on my keyboard in the correct order.

Currently, I’m working for ICEYE as the Head of Communications Network. My role is to create high reliability and high throughput communication between the ground systems and the synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) imaging satellite constellation. My background is in control engineering, robotics, and space technology. I hold a degree of Master of Science (Tech.) from Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering. I’ve been involved in the emerging Finnish NewSpace industry from its early years, starting with the Aalto-1 cubesat mission.

Outside of my professional career, I consider myself a chill guy who gets excited about extraordinary and wacky things. I’m fond of doing crazy projects, organizing events, and trying something new and exciting. Whether it’s Finland’s first satellite project, the world’s largest sauna, a rave party, a conference, tinkering with new hardware, or anything else, I’m up for the challenge. I also enjoy learning new concepts in technology, psychology, or history to better understand the world, and I read a lot. Despite being a nerd, I also exercise a lot by training for marathons and obstacle course races. But most of all, I’m a keen gamer who enjoys video games, tabletop RPGs (also as DM), and board games. I also consider myself an enthusiastic teekkari, and I was active on different projects during my university years and after that in numerous alumni associations.


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